Charles Patrick Sr.

Active in the real estate industry since 1969, Charles Patrick Sr. has a broad range of operational and managerial experience including apartment, commercial and condominium management, in addition to a vast expertise in residential sales and marketing.

upon completion of his college studies, he was recruited by an independent real estate firm as an area manager for HUD foreclosed properties. He headed the firm's management team, responsible for Senior Citizens' Subsidized Housing facilities, and was appointed as manager of real estate holdings by various receiverships.

After over 20 years with that firm, he became affiliated with a mid-size real estate company. During his eight year tenure with this firm he rose to the level of Senior Vice President. In this capacity, he was not only responsible for interfacing with major accounts, but also the supervision of managers and members of the residential sales department. His supervisory duties encompassed all three phases of property management, namely administrative, physical plant, and financial controls. Creating, implementing, and overseeing progressive marketing techniques of residential real estate was also a major ingredient in his day-to-day duties.


Charles Patrick Jr.

Years ago, if you would have told Charlie Patrick Jr. that he would grow up to follow in his dad's footsteps, he wouldn't have given it much thought. "My father was in real estate since he was 21. So I basically grew up listening to all sorts of stories at the dinner table. It was part of my everyday life and yet somehow i never thought to work in real estate," says Charlie matter-of-factly. Raised in the upper-middle class suburbs of Whippany, Charlie grew up in a household where guests were always welcome and the talk often turned to buying and selling of the neighborhood's lovely homes.

Nevertheless, Charlie ventured into unchartered territories. Beginning his college career as a architecture major, he later switched to marketing. A graduate of Farleigh Dickenson University, Charlie entered the work force avidly seeking his true niche. Eager to expand his knowledge of marketing, he spent some time as a marketing assistant and the honed his salesmanship and people skills in automobile sales.

While seeking full time work, Charlie began working at Charles Patrick REALTORS, a family-owned and operated real estate agency located in Morris Plains. Working with his father part time, he realized that he truly did enjoy his business. "I was working with a friend of my fathers and I sold my first house. It became clear at that point that I really didn't have to look for another job. I realize this is what I really wanted to do." What began as a part-time foray into real estate in 1993 flourished into a full-time career in 1997 and he's never looked back since.

"I realized I can't sit behind a desk all day. I need to meet and work with different people. I'm at my best listening for what my clients need and then finding the options that will fit their lives and lifestyle," adds Charlie. Combining his professional marketing expertise as well as his home-grown real estate and customer knowledge, Charlie has been an important edition to the family business.

Marjorie and Dennis Wagner, from Morris Plains, Morris County are advocates of Charlie's knowledgeable and easy-going style. The couple was immediately impressed by his professionalism and his grasp of their particular needs.

"Charlie Jr. is very laid back, low-key and relaxed. When you buy a house, you basically lay your guts on the table so you ask yourself, do I trust this person with all my personal information? We felt comfortable with him and we never felt any pressure to buy. My husband and I have a small business so we wanted to go with a small business. At the end of the day, once your on the MLS and are working with someone you trust, that's all you need," says Marjorie enthusiastically. The Wagners and their two children are currently living in a house that Charlie sold them a year ago. They are also in the middle of a transaction to sell their old home with the assistance of Charlie.

Charlie and Charles Patrick REALTORS have seen many changes in the real estate world in the last 11 years but they continue to look beyond the sold sign and evolve due to their unwavering dedication, use of technology and their knowledgeable personal service.*


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